Hungry for Answers - The Original Book

It all started nearly 20 years ago, when Laura was diagnosed with a severe, and ultimately fatal autoimmune disease that was considered incurable by the medical community.  Sorry, that wasn’t good enough for me.  I’m a problem solver and I don’t give up easily.  We implemented a new plan based primarily on diet modification.  Laura’s complete reversal of disease symptoms within a year, outside of medical care, led to the 2003 cutting-edge book Hungry for Answers, a work that today stays relevant and frankly, spot on in its recommendations.  You’ll find a great deal on dietary subjects such as gluten, trans fatty acids, and even the real causes of cardiovascular disease - topics that began to go mainstream much later.  The book wasn't well publicized because I'm inherently lazy, but it achieved something of a cult following from sales exclusively off my old Website.  The old paperback is still available thru Amazon - read the reviews (all are 5 stars).  Here's a couple to whet your appetite...

"... Sad that in my 30 years of life I am only now understanding how I have treated my body and how I have treated food. I have to stop myself from telling others because no one likes someone who is preachy, but this book began the process of SAVING MY LIFE... See how your body was DESIGNED to look and work and feel!"  (excerpts - the review is actually several paragraphs)

"Fantastic book that redirects our thinking on our American Diet. Holds out hope for all with Auto Immune Diseases... healing is possible! Must read!"

OK, I'll stop now lest I get full of myself.  But reviews like this from perfect strangers are what it's all about - truly making a difference in lives.