Why did you write this book?

The original Hungry for Answers was a product of my investigative journey into diet and disease that resulted in the complete reversal of a chronic and deadly autoimmune disease.  The cure of such a disease is unlikely to be found in the medical literature.  Hungry for Answers II is a fully expanded update of the original book that struck a chord with many seeking to improve their health and well-being.

But you aren't a medical practitioner, why should I read this book?

Not being a medical practitioner, I clearly went out on a limb with the writing of the first book.  But my track record of superior results in myself and others has given me total confidence in my recommendations.  If you're entirely happy with your health and have total confidence that you're doing everything you can to promote health and prevent disease in your body, pass me by.  If not, you seriously ought to give me a shot.

Do you have qualifications that can make me feel more comfortable with the book contents?

My entire career has consisted of gathering technical information, putting the pieces together, and solving problems.  I can provide a unique perspective, as I'm not pigeon-holed into a specific healthcare role, and can freely view and assess the entire health landscape, drawing on medical expertise wherever it exists.  My original book, written in 2003, has clearly stood the test of time and remains wholly relevant today.

What if I'm nostalgic and want a copy of the original book in paperback?

Amazon sells them (but at last check for a tidy sum).  If you're able to hunt me down in person, tell me a little story about your health and I'll give you one free (while dwindling supplies last), autographed if you like.